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  • CDM (construction design and management) co-ordination

  • Cost management

  • Project management

  • Sustainability and energy management.

LGS Fabrication

Tech Steel Construction Systems has been providing leading-edge, total solution technology for the manufacture of lightweight steel construction frames and trusses. The technology comprises comprehensive virtual building 3D design software and machine control software and Nuconsteel roll forming machines and Aegis Metal Framing Systems.


Steel panels can be used for ceilings, roofs & beams; trusses for floor joists.


LGS framing structure is extremely convenient for the structure construction of various complexities of one to seven stories residential, whether it’s for single-family, or for multi-family.


Aegis Metal Framing systems integrate design software, manufacturing software, and roll formers to produce accurate steel frame components for almost any type of such residential development. From economic housing to luxury villas.


Project Management.


As your construction manager, we offer the utmost professional services by providing leadership and counsel on budget, scheduling, and constructability issues. Hiring Story as your CM means you’ll add the construction industry’s perspective to your team during the critical design process. We help you evaluate design alternatives based on factual and current market cost information and identify the best money you will never spend during the preconstruction process.


During the construction phase, our role is to manage the process proactively through effective scheduling and daily onsite supervision. (And as your eyes and ears, we take that role seriously.) That also includes project management responsibilities, monitoring safety and quality of work, and ensuring effective communication with you, the design team, and other contractors.


Once your project is complete, we’ll continue to act as your advocate, leading and coordinating all the inspections and streamlining the occupancy process. We will also coordinate the assembly of detailed close-out information including drawings, photos, reports, warranties, and training on the operation and maintenance of any equipment supplied for the project.


Design Build.

1. Design-Build construction saves time

By putting both the designers and the builders under one roof, obstacles that often delay a project are completely avoided. And while Design-Build can't control certain conditions like rain and snow, eliminating all other opportunities for the delay is crucial to timely delivery.

2. Design-Build construction saves money

Many costs are avoided when both your designer and builder work under one roof, as markup and external costs, are completely avoided. Additionally, with timelines that are more strictly followed comes a final tab that's fair for all involved.

3. With Design-Build, the owner has more say

This final benefit is pretty simple - there are fewer voices to talk over so our clients' pains are always heard. After all, it's their project. Anything less than exactly what they want is unacceptable. Design-Build allows owners to select systems that best suit their needs and meet their project budget.

the job is the boss and Design-Build lets us always keep the boss happy.

Value Engineering.

Value engineering is based on a methodology developed in the USA during the Second World War. Because of the war, there were shortages of materials and certain finished products. However, the manufacturing industry was running at maximum capacity, and ideas were needed to further expand production.


Tech Steel began with a creative, team-based approach which allowed the generation of many alternatives to the existing solution. Because Tech Steel Construction is a manufacturer, the term ‘engineering’ was seen as being more appropriate at that time, than ‘management’.

Later in the 20th century, value engineering started to spread across the world. But because of the differences between the mentality and the behavior of American companies compared to European companies, value engineering, as developed in the USA had to undergo some modification.


Tech steel construction provides value engineering and conversation of the heavy cast in place concrete, Structural steel into Structural light gauge steel structure, that comply with international building code.


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