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Tech Steel Construction provides the industry experience, commitment, and proven results your project needs to help see it through completion. A multi-disciplined construction engineering consulting firm, we provide innovative solutions for the proactive and forensic support you need to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Tech Steel construction consultants have extensive, hands-on experience supporting a multitude of projects worldwide. Construction consulting areas of expertise include: 




With the whole building design, the project team can be guided once again by a collective vision. This structure, along with the process by which the design team works together, as a Composite Master Builder". The term recasts the historical single Master Builder as a diverse group of professionals working together towards a common end. The intention is to bring all of the specialists together, allowing them to function as if they were one mind.


The cast of specialists is potentially quite large, and depending on the complexity of the project, can include:

  • site professionals, such as planners, civil and environmental engineers, and landscape architects;

  • design team members such as programmers, architects, and interior designers;

  • building systems experts, such as structural, mechanical, fire protection, and building science and performance engineers;

  • construction professionals, including cost estimators, project managers, tradespeople, and craftspeople;

  • owners, including financial managers, building users, and operations and maintenance staff; and

  • local code and fire officials.



Integrated Building Systems 

Mid-Rise Construction division, Implements the Integrated Building Systems methodology, Light gauge steel framing in low to mid-rise construction Solution.


-Up to 12 stories or 180 feet

-Lighter foundation costs (poor soils)

-Strength-to-weight ratio (lighter materials)

-Non-combustion requirements

-Superior quality

-Tight schedule

-Design flexibility

-Lower insurance costs

-LEEDS Credits

-Accountability, creditability & financial stability

-Generates Revenue Quicker

-Framing in all weather

-Trades get in quicker

-Design Improvements

-Cost Efficiencies

Total solution package for design, engineering, installation, and project management


Project Managment

We ensure that all active contracts are tightly managed, so that project controls and pro- cedures are maintained, and so there are no conflicts without resolutions. We respond in a timely manner to requests for clarifications and provide rapid resolution of critical project issues. As  part  of  our  overall  project  management  function,  the  following  contract  ad- ministration tasks will be performed: 


•  Initiate and control weekly progress meetings

•  Contractor oversight as owner’s representative on site

•  Schedule monitoring and milestone tracking

•  Project cost tracking and control

•  Shop submittal and documentation review

•  Contract management to avoid delays

•  Application for payment review  

•  Change order request review

•  Respond to requests for clarification or requests for substitutions

•  Claims avoidance/mitigation 

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